Case Study Designer Frames Outlet

Designer Frames Outlet Google Ads Performance: Case Study and Scaling Report

Designer Frames Outlet (DFO) has been our long-standing client and has been running Google Ads since the end of 2015. DFO is a reputable player in the glasses and sunglasses industry, selling high-value brands such as Prada, Coach, Versace, and others.


In 2021, DFO had its biggest sales year in the history of the company. However, the challenge was to sustain this growth and continue scaling in 2022 and 2023. The question was, how do we continue to scale sales when we already have a decent share of a highly competitive market? Our objective was to scale sales, ROAS, conversion rate, and clickthrough rate through 2022, finding a higher volume of sales with the market share already established.


Our approach was to use a combination of our superior knowledge and experience with Google Ads, coupled with new tools to maximize our potential. We continued to implement and optimize our keyword strategy, improving targeting month over month. We also found campaigns with high efficiency to help increase performance, such as search campaigns for new landing pages and Performance Max campaigns to target top-of-funnel traffic.


We were able to achieve our goal of increasing sales and performance metrics without having to spend more of the client’s money. With similar spend numbers on both months, we saw significant increases in conversion value (44.57%), sales (23.73%), ROAS (34.43%), conversion rate (51.30%), and a decrease in cost per conversion (23.41%). This led to the biggest year, month, and single day sales in DFO’s company history.

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Increased Conversion value
+ 0 %
Increased in Sales
+ 0 %
Increased ROAS
+ 0 %
Increased Conversion rate


With our experience in working in the Ads interface and ability to adapt to new tools developed by Google, we found a way to continue to scale an account that we had already seemed to max out traffic on. We were able to sustain the growth of our client, Designer Frames Outlet, by improving their Google Ads performance metrics. Our strategy of using a combination of our knowledge and experience with new tools and campaigns resulted in significant increases in sales and ROAS without increasing ad spend, achieving our objective.

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